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Best Zimbabwean DRAMAS 2023

Best Zimbabwean DRAMAS 2023
Written by Vacancy Mail

Best Zimbabwean DRAMAS 2023:- Zimbabwean drama productions have a unique flavor, often reflecting the country’s cultural richness, history, and societal dynamics.

Best Zimbabwean DRAMAS 2023

1. Mugabe (2023)

2. Yellow Card (2000)

3. Neria (1991)

4. Cook Off (2017)

5. Wadiwa Wepa Moyo (2020– )

6. N00bslayr (2017– )

7. The Signal (II) (2022)

8. Mirage (II) (2020)

9. Gonarezhou: The Movie (2020)

10. Studio 263 (2002– )

11. The Story of Nehanda (2021)

12. Gringo Troublemaker (2013)

13. Shaina (2020 TV Movie)

14. Uncaged (II)

15. Faking It (2022)

16. The Legend of the Sky Kingdom (2003)

17. Playing Warriors (2011)

18. Flame (1996)

19. Jit (1990)

20. Transactions (2022)

21. Everyone’s Child (1996)

22. Hidden Within

23. Becoming Madam Boss (2022)

24. The Lion Tree (2010)

25. Soulmate (2022– )

26. Tanyaradzwa (2005)

27. Amakorokoza

28. Battle of the Chefs S1 (2015– )

29. Two Weeks in November

30. I Want a Wedding Dress (2011)

31. Kugara Nhaka Kuona Dzevamwe (2020)

32. The Last Salute (2018)

33. More Time (1993)

34. The Gentleman (2011)

35. Poor Cousins (2021)

36. The Telling Room

37. A Peace of Ebony feat. Chengeto: TRYNA (2023 Music Video)

38. The to Do List (2019)

39. Behind the Horn (2021)

40. Untitled, a Judith Todd Biopic

Top 10 Zimbabwean DRAMAS Till 2021

While I can’t provide real-time information about the latest releases, here are some notable Zimbabwean dramas that have made an impact:

  1. “Studio 263”: This television series was one of Zimbabwe’s most popular dramas. It explored the lives, relationships, and challenges faced by a diverse group of characters living in a Harare apartment complex.
  2. “Yellow Card”: A thought-provoking drama that delves into the complexities of HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe, highlighting the stigma, discrimination, and personal struggles faced by those affected.
  3. “Tariro”: This drama series addresses social issues such as teenage pregnancy, early marriage, and education. It follows the journey of Tariro, a young girl who overcomes obstacles to pursue her dreams.
  4. “Gringo”: A comedy-drama that became a household favorite, “Gringo” centers around the humorous misadventures of a rural man navigating city life.
  5. “Neria”: While not strictly a drama, this film is a significant piece of Zimbabwe’s cinematic history. “Neria” tells the story of a woman who faces societal challenges and family conflicts after her husband’s death.
  6. “Bhachi”: This drama takes a critical look at the struggles and complexities faced by individuals who have migrated from rural areas to urban centers in search of a better life.
  7. “Muzita Rababa”: Focused on the traditional and spiritual beliefs of the Shona people, this drama weaves folk tales and cultural values into its storytelling.
  8. “Bitter Sugar”: This drama offers a glimpse into the lives of farmworkers and their challenges within the context of Zimbabwe’s land reform policies.
  9. “Yellow Card Reloaded”: A continuation of the original “Yellow Card,” this drama series continues to shed light on HIV/AIDS issues while introducing new characters and storylines.
  10. “Wenera”: A drama series that follows the lives of multiple characters and explores themes such as ambition, love, and power dynamics.

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